She is often marrying much later after much life

December 12, 2013

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Golf and its traditions have stood alone in the face of the high technological world in which we live. Golf course architects have strived to maintain the legacy and heritage of the game and continue to find ways to wed these traditions with the digitized, electronic, fast-paced, modern world. Through these traditions we have proven time and time again that factors such as value, quality, tradition and excellent service...
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Few decisions will impact the quality of a project as much as the selection of the design team. In my opening paragraphs on "Site Selection" I discussed the importance of selecting an appropriate project site and suggested various methods, including retaining design professionals. To obtain the best capable of producing a quality golf course and enviable lifestyle for your market...
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For his design expertise, Ron has received numerous design accolades throughout his career including being awarded ‘Golf Designer of the Year’ by International Network of Golf. His educational background, a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida, with a specialization in turf grasses, has made him a leading authority in the golf industry. Ron was chosen to receive the University of Florida’s Distinguished Alumnus Award for 2003. Read More..