“Evidence suggests synthetic cannabis products can cause

October 29, 2013

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canada goose jacket outlet uk Synthetic cannabis binds with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. These are the parts of the brain that are activated by THC, which is the predominant active chemical in the Canada Goose online cannabis plant.But experts say these synthetic cannabinoids can be significantly more dangerous than the natural plant material they supposedly mimic.Professor Mark Connor from the Faculty of Medicine and buy canada goose jacket Health Sciences at Macquarie University says synthetic cannabis has been associated with an increasing number of deaths and serious adverse effects.”Use of cannabis and even THC on its canada goose uk black friday own is cheap Canada Goose considered to be reasonably safe, but unlike cannabis, none of these synthetic compounds have been tested in people in controlled settings,” he says.”In general, studies of synthetic cannabinoids uk canada goose outlet in the laboratory indicate that they are significantly stronger activators of cannabinoid receptors cheap canada goose uk found in our bodies than delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but we don’t know if it is this enhanced cannabinoid receptor activity or canada goose coats some other property of the synthetic cannabinoids that produces the many different types of toxicity associated with their use.”Evidence suggests synthetic cannabis products can cause serious seizures and increased heart rate canadian goose jacket (possibly contributing to heart problems in vulnerable individuals) effects that people do not normally experience when using cannabis based buy canada goose jacket cheap drugs, Barratt says.Some people have also experienced severe mental health effects including hallucinations, psychosis, panic and anxiety after taking synthetic cannabis.NBOMeLike LSD, NBOMes are hallucinogens that is, drugs that distort your perceptions and both can cause psychosis (a loss of contact with reality) in certain people.But NBOMes can Canada Goose Jackets have other toxic effects on the body not experienced with LSD, says Barratt. These include:. canada goose jacket outlet uk

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