As well as delighting British viewers

July 9, 2014

The core of this film relies on the relationship between our two leads and thankfully both Draper and Tacker are both perfectly cast. The dynamic between the two of them is brilliant and, to the untrained eye, could so easily be mistaken for actual father and son. The script is breezy and real feeling; little remarks like Simon wanted to get you the twelve side of twelve, not the thirteen side of twelve just ring true.

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cheap moncler jackets HomeTVAnt and Dec’s Saturday Night TakeawayWhat is Ant and moncler outlet prices Dec’s net worth? Inside the comedy duo’s partnershipTo date, the cheeky chappies have graced our screens on the Pop Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, I’m A Celebrity and much more, and in the process have racked in an impressive fortune(Image: Getty)Get celebs updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailAnt and Dec have a career spanning over 25 years, beginning on Byker Grove, moving onto an ill fated attempt at pop music and finishing with the widely successful TV presenting they now moncler outlet online do.They met on set of Byker Groove, and are moncler outlet both 42 years old, hailing from Newcastle.Their on screen chemistry was so good that they became friends in real life and the rest is history. They even live on the same street in Chiswick, West London.As well as delighting British viewers, they won awards from the Royal Television Society and have won 34 National Television Awards the most successful recipients ever.With that being said, they must have amassed a considerable fortunate after their success.Read on to find out the duo’s net worth.What is Ant and Dec’s net worth? Their current net worth is estimated to be around million each.The deal with ITV in 2007, which makes their shows, was worth around million and the deal in 2016 is rumoured to be worth million.The pair use their money wisely, investing in property and they both own portfolios worth around million combined.They are also apparently insured against each other’s death, worth around However, due to his divorce from wife Lisa Armstrong, Ant could lose some of his fortune.How did they meet?They first met on the set of Byker Grove, in 1990.Dec played Duncan, whilst Any played a uk moncler sale character called PJ. Dec was on the show slightly longer than Ant, beginning in 1989 whilst Ant joined in 1990.As their moncler womens jackets friendship developed in real life, their chemistry became irresistible and they moved best moncler jackets into comedy presenting after a rather surprising detour.A brief cheap moncler sale pop career They launched a pop career in 1994, known as PJ Duncan, named after their Byker Grove characters.However, their talents clearly lay elsewhere and their record label decided not to renew their contract in 1997.In 2018 they were nominated in the RTS awards for Best Entertainment Performance for I’m A Celebrity and Best Entertainment for Saturday Night Takeaway.In the National Television Awards they have won 34 moncler online store times which makes them the most successful recipients ever cheap moncler jackets.

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